ROADART :: Dynamic Reconfiguration

ROADART :: Dynamic Reconfiguration

An important and complicated objective of the project was the implementation of the Diversity Engine and especially the Dynamic Reconfiguration of the antennas for the ROADART platform in order to track the radio channel fluctuations in the complex T2T communications environment. Three dynamic reconfiguration modes were developed with full reconfiguration in all antennas and with omni support from one RF chain per mirror. The engine monitors continuously the SNR and reconfigures the patterns when it reduces below a threshold while reconfiguration is performed in two stages in order to ensure compatibility with the radio standard.

Contact Persons

Dr.-Ing. Christos Oikonomopoulos-Zachos [ oikonomopoulos(-at-)imst(-dot-)de ]

Patrick Ernst [ patrick.ernst.a(-at-)man(-dot-)eu ]

Johan van der Kamp [ johan.vanderkamp(-at-)tno(-dot-)nl ]

Prof. Athanasios G. Kanatas [ kanatas(-at-)unipi(-dot-)gr ]

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