Course Code: DS-302

The course provides the basic principles of cellular mobile communication systems. It also provides the methodologies of analysis and design of these systems. Emphasis is given on the physical layer and radio access techniques. The course covers the radio communications technologies used by existing and future mobile cellular systems.

  1. Mobile communication systems, cellular network architecture.
  2. Channel access techniques.
  3. Teletraffic and system performance issues.
  4. Radio channel.
  5. Interference and noise, interference and noise effects on system performance(C/I calculations for different cellular systems).
  6. Handoff and channel allocation techniques.
  7. Techniques for spectral efficiency improvement.
  8. Principles and design techniques for the physical layer.
  9. Mitigation techniques.
  10. GSM and UMTS architecture, technology and services is also provided.
  1. Rappaport T. (2002): Wireless Communications: Principles and Practice, Prentice Hall PTR.
  2. Molisch A. (2005): Wireless Communications, IEEE.