Research On Alternative Diversity Aspects foR Trucks

Welcome to the ROADART Project!

With the investigation of future-oriented diversity and beamforming techniques the resulting ROADART platform will assure a sustainable and holistic approach for corporative ITS systems in a way that state-of-the-art systems cannot provide. The main objectives are:

  • Perform measurements for Truck-to-Truck, Truck-to-Infrastructure mobile radio channel conditions.
  • Perform full statistical characterization of ROADART-specific multi-antenna radio channels.
  • Develop novel radio channel models (both stochastic geometric and ray tracing models) for T2T and T2I channels with support of multiple antenna systems.
  • Investigate multiple antenna diversity techniques in order to provide increased throughput and reliability in T2T/T2I wireless links.
  • Evaluate the use of beamforming for T2T/T2I communications with the proposal of possible new elements to existing vehicular communication standards. Moreover, the use of parasitic antennas will be assessed in order to increase multi-antenna functionalities with minimum interventions on the Truck structure.
  • Introduce spatial modulation as a transmission technique for improved vehicular radio communications.
  • Analyze antenna array aspects for T2T/T2I communication links, including the number of elements, the type of antennas, the introduction of parasitic antennas, antenna placement and mounting on the trucks, as well as antenna structures for the infrastructure especially for special use cases e.g. tunnels.
  • Investigate communication system improvement through cooperative techniques and relays, focusing especially in the T2T relaying for platooning systems and coordinated multi-point T2T/T2I reception.
  • Develop novel localization and detection techniques for conditions where Satellite global navigation systems are not applicable, such as tunnels, using cooperative and adaptive communication techniques as well as sensor measurements and information from infrastructure.
  • All the proposed techniques will be extensively evaluated through simulation using the realistic, measurement-based ROADARD channel models.
  • Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control, a safety-critical application, will be implemented on a truck, to evaluate the theoretical results and to support the measurements. Herewith, a safety approach for increasing robustness w.r.t. wireless communication impairments on the application layer will be developed and implemented.
  • Based on the results and conclusions, a novel multi-antenna T2T/T2I communication platform will be developed that will achieve optimized and reliable use of the radio channels in order to provide T2T/T2I services in terms of safety, traffic/route control, transportation efficiency and environmental awareness, while taking into account practical issues regarding the installation of complicated communication systems on heavy duty vehicles.

The developed platform will be demonstrated and evaluated for specific scenarios that include special use cases, i.e. tunnels and platooning.

Partners (Alphabetically) Summary

IMST is an SME with a competence center and professional development house for high frequency circuits, wireless modules, and communications systems. IMST provides individualized support to any customer during every phase of product development, from initial consulting to series production.

MAN Truck & Bus AG

Engineering the Future – since 1758: Focused on key technologies transport and energy the MAN Group (MAN SE) offers innovative products such as trucks, busses, diesel engines, turbomachinery, special gear units and complete power plant solutions. The MAN Group – with its clear distribution of roles, centralizes strategic management activities and strengthens the operational responsibilities of the three subgroups, MAN Truck & Bus, MAN Diesel & Turbo and MAN Latin America – is one of Europe’s leading commercial vehicle, engine and mechanical engineering companies. MAN can look back on a corporate history of more than 250 years.


TNO is the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research and was founded in 1932. TNO is a knowledge organisation for companies, governmental bodies and public organisations. Some 4,500 employees create, develop, and apply scientific knowledge in various domains ranging from industry to society aspects. It is the fundamental goal of TNO to direct its research activities toward creative and practical innovations in the form of new products, services, and processes, fully customized for businesses and governmental institutions.

TNO works on seven research themes. One of these themes is “Mobility”, comprising topics as (intelligent) vehicle technology, ITS, cooperative and automated driving, road side technology, infrastructure technology, intelligent traffic management, environment and human factors in transport.

University of Piraeus Research Center

The University of Piraeus is a prestigious institution in the area of Digital Systems, Technology and Finance. The Department of Digital Systems ( ) is the main driver and contributor to making the UPRC one of the fastest growing institutions in Greece in the national and international research arenas. Specifically, the department covers important areas of the widely and rapidly developing field of Digital Science and Technology. The department’s curricula and research cover the areas of broadband (wireless and optical) networks, digital / network services, as well as the techno-economical management and security of digital systems. In addition, the department consists of over twenty-five (25) faculty members and is very active, both internationally and nationally, in all the aforementioned areas.

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