Measurement Campaign, Munich, 10/2016

Measurement Campaign, Munich, 10/2016

The first campaign took place in the outskirts of Munich, in the district of Dachau, Bavaria. The measurement setup and the placement of the antenna array on the trucks considered the impact of the truck container and the corresponding shadowing of the signal. The channel sounder used could measure a 2×8 MIMO channel with a signal bandwidth of 500 MHz. The excitation signal is an OFDM-like transmitting signal with the subcarriers uniformly distributed in the measurement bandwidth and it is generated using Frank-Zadoff-Chu sequences. The signal is cyclically extended. The technique that was used for the MIMO measurement procedure is a popular fast switching method with a time division basic principle scheme that alternates between the transmitting antennas for each one of the tetrad of the receiving antennas. After the reception of ten frames from the first tetrad, RF switch was taking place, and another ten frames were received from the second tetrad. The overall sequence contains 7000 samples with a sampling frequency of 7 GSamples/sec. The routes followed included mainly a highway with varying traffic density along its path, a fairly long tunnel, and some areas with smaller roads that were used for maneuvering the trucks in order to get back to the highway.


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Dr. Konstantinos Maliatsos [ kmaliat(-at-)unipi(-dot-)gr ]

Prof. Athanasios G. Kanatas [ kanatas(-at-)unipi(-dot-)gr ]

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