ROADART :: CACC: Cooperative Adaptive Adaptive Cruise Control

ROADART :: CACC: Cooperative Adaptive Adaptive Cruise Control

The focus of the time- and safety-critical Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control (CACC) is to obtain robustness on the application layer against any wireless communication impairments, in particular packet losses and (time-varying) latency, utilizing ROADART communication system characteristics. The development of a model predictive controller (MPC) involves a prediction horizon, which may be used to predict the future output behavior of the leading vehicle. Thus CACC continues its functionality, increases the availability and robustness of the system by sharing look-ahead information and potentially enables shorter inter-vehicle following distances.

Contact Persons

Dr.-Ing. Christos Oikonomopoulos-Zachos [ oikonomopoulos(-at-)imst(-dot-)de ]

Patrick Ernst [ patrick.ernst.a(-at-)man(-dot-)eu ]

Johan van der Kamp [ johan.vanderkamp(-at-)tno(-dot-)nl ]

Prof. Athanasios G. Kanatas [ kanatas(-at-)unipi(-dot-)gr ]

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