ROADART :: Localization Technique

ROADART :: Localization Technique

A novel localization technique was developed in ROADART attempting to improve positioning performance in challenging conditions like tunnels. The Localization Engine, which is based on an Extended Kalman Filter, is able to operate with variable sampling rates of incoming data from various heterogeneous sources such as the GPS, Truck Sensors as well as positioning information from cooperating vehicles through ITS services. Then, the localization result is distributed to all interested parties with the use of the Data Distribution Service (DDS) protocol. The ROADART engine operated with less than 2m accumulated error for a 2km in-tunnel course during demonstration.

Contact Persons

Dr.-Ing. Christos Oikonomopoulos-Zachos [ oikonomopoulos(-at-)imst(-dot-)de ]

Patrick Ernst [ patrick.ernst.a(-at-)man(-dot-)eu ]

Johan van der Kamp [ johan.vanderkamp(-at-)tno(-dot-)nl ]

Prof. Athanasios G. Kanatas [ kanatas(-at-)unipi(-dot-)gr ]

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