ROADART :: The Platform

ROADART :: The Platform

The designed and implemented antenna in the ROADART project is an electronically switched parasitic radiator (ESPARs). It provides pattern reconfigurability, low manufacturing costs, reduced complexity and smaller size. Thus the produced three radiation patterns from a single ESPAR allow for selecting the most suitable pattern configuration for a corresponding scenario. A pair of this antenna is mounted in each side mirror of the truck. Aside the antennas, the ROADART communication platform of each truck consists also of the following parts. First, two RF Modules (one per truck mirror) responsible for reception and transmission of the Truck-2-Truck Packets and part of the signal processing. And second, one communication unit (per truck), which is responsible for further processing and routing of the detected packets sent from the RF modules via Ethernet. Most of the software runs on the communication unit that among others includes the diversity engine, the ITS-G5 stack, the localization engine etc.

Contact Persons

Dr.-Ing. Christos Oikonomopoulos-Zachos [ oikonomopoulos(-at-)imst(-dot-)de ]

Patrick Ernst [ patrick.ernst.a(-at-)man(-dot-)eu ]

Johan van der Kamp [ johan.vanderkamp(-at-)tno(-dot-)nl ]

Prof. Athanasios G. Kanatas [ kanatas(-at-)unipi(-dot-)gr ]

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